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With the advent of globalization, challenges associated with the changing nature of work and workplace environment, have significantly increased. Such rapid change requires a skilled workforce with employees who are adaptive, flexible, and focused on the future. It is in fact, their role that largely determines the growth of a company.

Corporate Workshops

A key function of Human Resources Management would thus be to encourage growth and career development of employees by coaching and helping them achieve their personal goals by providing adequate training, encouragement of staff development, and opportunities for growth.

At Metamorphose we have devised corporate workshops and training programs in specific areas that cater to these needs and consequently contribute to the advancement of the company.


The Ability to Think Rationally
Dr. Albert Ellis’ approach to logical thinking will help employees set aside their emotions while problem solving, thus becoming more efficient and accurate in finding solutions.

Confidence – A Powerful Tool
In a fiercely competitive market, a company’s image is reflected in the impression created by its employees. Here, we focus on increasing Self Esteem through Self Acceptance and Confidence Building Exercises.

Communication SkillsEffective Communication Skills
Recognizing Communication Patterns is the first step to enhancing communication skills. In this training program we focus on responding assertively as opposed to reacting aggressively or submissively. The workshop is Inclusive of but not limited to Improving Presentation Skills, Negotiation Skills and Maintaining Client Relations.


Stress Management
In high pressure work environments, stress is a regular feature. We focus on teaching individuals to recognize and manage stress using simple yet effective techniques. While effects of prolonged stress can be detrimental, Eustress is ‘good stress’ that helps enhance performance.

People Management
– Managing Work Relationships: Handling Subordinates / Colleagues / Seniors / Clients
– Managing Personal Relationships: Parenting / Marital Issues / Peer Relationships

Health ManagementHealth Management
While work and family become the primary focus areas for individuals, maintaining mental and physical health takes a back seat until it becomes imperative. Here, we focus on the importance of healthy living, picking up early pointers and working around disabilities.

Personal Growth
An individual’s personal growth is measured through varied factors. While some are driven by ambition, others look for contentment. We focus on Goal Setting and Strategic Planning as important tools for personal success.

The professional and personal self are interwoven aspects of an individual’s life. Difficulty in either may have a detrimental effect on the other. Developing healthy relationships can go a long way to increasing motivation, focus and productivity.


Leadership & Teambuilding
Leadership Training Programs- To be successful, today’s leaders must learn to come together, connect, build relationships; create an absence of boundaries, with a sharing of information and responsibility, promoting unity and wholeness. Our workshop will help an individual identify and hone these leadership skills.
– Like individuals, work groups have their own personalities or styles of interaction. These styles are reflected in the way group members interact with one another and approach the task to be accomplished. Team building refers to a wide range of activities for improving team performance. The activities can range from simple bonding activities to experiential learning designed to improve and align team performance.

Individual Personality Profiling
– Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a type based tool for personal development and teambuilding. It is a useful tool for those who want to gain an enhanced insight and understanding of personal and leadership styles and how personality can influence work relationships.
– The 16PF personality questionnaire measures a set of 16 traits that describe and predict a person’s behaviour in a variety of contexts. Interpreted by a qualified practitioner, it aims to provide comprehensive information about an individual’s personality, revealing potential, confirming capacity to sustain performance in a larger role and helping identify development needs.

Increasing Productivity

Specific Workshops

- Increasing Productivity: Though Time Management, Prioritizing & Multitasking, Increasing Motivation & Concentration, Conflict Management
– Gender Sensitivity: Setting Tangible Boundaries, Recognizing Gender Discrimination, Breaking the Glass Ceiling
– Workshops for Managers/ Supervisors: Being the Boss, Giving Effective Feedback, Working together Collaboratively, Using Emotional Intelligence at Work


Counselling Services
Access to counselling services can be extremely beneficial to employees as well as employers as good mental health is a pre requisite for success in any industry. We provide Individual Counselling, Group Therapy, Email \ Online \ Telephonic Counselling services.

Career Coaching
Potential candidates can be enrolled into a specially focused program to enhance leadership skills, management, personality development, negotiation skills and more

Psychological Assessment
An assessment of the Emotional Quotient can be conducted at Recruitment, Appraisal and at the Exit Interview. The test can be customized to the needs of the company.

Sessions can be scheduled on a weekly basis or as required by the company.

The topics enlisted are indicative and not exhaustive.

All programs can be customized to suit the specific needs of an organization.

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