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Workshops for Students

Life Skills Training 

  • Building Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Acceptance 
  • Recognizing Communication Skills, Assertiveness Training, Listening Skills 
  • Rational Thinking: Understanding that Actions have Consequences

Enhancing Educationweb student

  • Stress Management Techniques 
  • Study Skills & Time Management 
  • Creative Thinking: Encouraging Divergent thinking

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Peer Relationships: The pressure to fit in, Accepting Differences, Standing UP
  • Parent Child Dynamics: Respecting Adults, Sibling Rivalry, Dealing with Familial Issues 
  • Respecting Feelings: Know yourself, Be Sensitive, Taking Responsibility 

Developmental Workshops

  • Accepting Change, Sex Education 
  • Sensitivity Training 

Training Programs for Teachers

Workshops for Teachers

Student Teacher Interactions

  • Handling Teenagers: Understanding the Teenage Brain, Sexual Development 
  • Sensitivity Training: Recognizing the Special Child, The Slow Learner, The Gifted Child 
  • Effective Communication Skills


indiaeducationreformsInterpersonal Work Relationships

  • Parent Teacher Interactions
  • Relationships with Colleagues

Creative Teaching Workshops



Workshops for Parents

Workshops for ParentsParenting Styles

  • Communication Patterns 
  • Disciplining: Authoritative v/s Authoritarian Parenting 
  • Assertiveness Training

Handling Academic Pressures

  • Exam Pressure: Stress free Parents make Stress free Children 
  • Study Skills: Equip your child with creative learning techniques 
  • Understanding Under-Performance

Developmental Workshops

  • Understanding Adolescence: Handling Rebellious Behaviour, Understanding Teenage Cognition
  • Sexual Maturity in Children: How to have THE TALK 
  • Behaviour Management: Teaching Tolerance, Meting out Effective Punishments

Work Life Balance

  • Dealing with Daily Stressors 
  • Handling Familial Differences 

The topics enlisted are Indicative and not Exhaustive.

All programs can be customized to suit the specific needs of an institution.

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