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Contentment – A Choice

seaAt a simple hotel overlooking the beach, my husband once told me, “A Villa on the beach just before the endless sea, where the sky seems to reach out to you, sand slides lazily through your feet and leaves rustle to create your very own personal orchestra…that would be a moment of pure contentment”

Here we sat at an identical location, amid sea, sky and sand on a wooden chair not cushioned sofa, tasting the salty wind rather than cool air conditioning and all I could say is, “If you think about it, this very moment, is!”

There’s a joke going around that says, “I know money can’t buy happiness, but it’s more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a scooter” While it may just be a witty comment it aptly highlights our current mindset. It seems as if we have we begun to equate comfort with contentment. Do you think comfort and happiness are directly proportionate? Think again.

Driving through traffic in your plush car, have you not envied bikers who worm through unobstructed. Wearing a dapper suit in the sweltering heat, have you looked wistfully at people in shorts. Sitting with a mug of the finest coffee at your 23rd floor office window, have you never looked longingly at people dancing ecstatically in rain? On such occasions are you content or just comfortable?

In life we experience so many of these moments. We choose to worry about financial stability or parents’ health or a child’s future or even the big presentation due Monday. We toil and trudge to achieve comforts we think will give us happiness. But will we ever be content with what we have?

In this moment just as you finish reading, choose to be…content.

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